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Victor Head Office

No 133 (A), Amaya Road, North Okkalapa Industrial Zone,Yangon.

Sanchaung Branch, Victor Fashion Shop

No 244, Yangon-Pyay Road, San Chaung(11111), Near Myaynigone Crossroads

Kamayut Branch, Victor Collection Shop

No 30(B), U Tun Lin Chan Street, Kamayut Township(11041), Yangon

Ph: 09255888847

Kamayut Branch, Victor Flagship Shop

No 15(A), Yangon - Insein Road, Kamayut Township(11041), Yangon

Ph: 09263724191, 09425800020

Bahan Branch, Victor Fashion Shop

No 81, U Chit Maung Road, Bahan Township(11201), Yangon

Ph: 09425800015

Lanmadaw Branch, Victor Fashion Shop

No 227, Anae Ya Htar Road and Corner of Hledan Road, Lanmadaw Township(11131), Yangon

Ph: 09255888850

Mandalay Branch, Victor Fashion Shop

No (636),(78),(33-34), Behind Diamon Plaza, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township(05024)

Ph: 09425800019


Okkalapa Branch, Victor Outlet Store

No 133(A), Amara Road, North Okkalapa Industrial, Kyaut Yay Twin Ward, North Okkalapa Township(11031)

Ph: 09425766616, Ph: 09425800018

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